Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My hometown and Vancouver

My hometown is placed far from Tokyo. It takes about 1 hour and half by plane from Tokyo to my hometown, Matsuyama. It is a real countryside, for example, the production of mandarine is the best in Japan.
The significant difference between Vancouver and this countryside is the diversity of culture. If you walk through Vancouver street, you see various kinds of people like Asians, Westerns, Africans and so on. They say that coexistance of various races is one of the advantages in Vancouver, or Canada. On the other hand, in my hometown, it is super rare to see foreign people, therefore, if you see foreign people (even if they are european or asian), some people point them out and say "look, American is there!" (of course in japanese). 
However, even in such a countryside, finally, they placed the first starbacks 3 years ago. It was quite sensational and became a big news in my town. In Vancouver, you can see starbucks in every block. Though we just have two blanches so far, the existance of starbucks in the countryside makes me feel that globilization affected my town. But our hometown has a lot of beautiful traditions. We even have the oldest hot spring in Japan. Even though globalization starts little by little, I hope it would not destroy those precious traditions and live together.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

my challenge

I have no sense of direction. It is easier to find places you want to go if you know the street names in Vancouver. But I still get lost a lot. So walking down the street inVancouver is always a challenge for me.
One day when I was walking from the station to my home, I got lost. I walked around for like 30 minutes, but I could not find my home. I was terrified and started thinking I might have to stay outside all night ( I actually did in New York 1 year ago). I dealt with this problem by asking the direction to people. But I knew myself I could not go back just by knowing the direction. I needed somebody to take me to my home. And I found out the people in Vancouver was kind enough to do that. On that day, a sweet woman with a baby took me to my home.
I can survive in Vancouver because people are so nice.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Eavesdrop :p

In a bar, a Canadian and two Americans were talking.

The Canadian said that baseball was as fun as hockey. He added that he could not believe that canadians never watched that. Also, he pointed out that baseball should remain as a Olympic game in stead of curling. The americans asked him what curing was. He was shocked and queried me if I knew about the game. After I responded that I knew what that was, he shouted that even Asian knew that. And he claimed that curling was fuckin' boring. Then he explained that players just sweeped the ice in order to put the ball inside the circle and that was it. He concluded curling was as boring as golf and should never be a Olympic game. Though I disagree the opinon, two Americans commented that the game seemed to be boring.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

1. I met Will Smilth
2. I like smoking
3. I have lost my memory for a few times because I drunk too much
4. I was engaged till 20 year old but I broke up
5. I lost my wallet, credit card and cell phone on the same day.
6. I was playing hockey
7. I I got point zero in a mathmatic exam.
8. I was born in Tokyo
9. I was taken by the poice officer before
10. I do not drink beer